Submission Rules

  • Site submissions are only open to hirers of bouncy castles and other inflatable play equipment who are members of the BIHA and / or Once approved by the BIHA your submission will be live on this site, normally within 6 hours,  but please allow up to 24 hours during busy times.
  • Submit your site under the most appropriate sub-category.
  • Please do NOT submit your company listing directly under the top-category (e.g. if your company is a based in West Midlands do NOT submit it directly under West Midlands, but instead under the Herefordshire, Shropshire, Staffordshire, Warwickshire or Worcestershire sub-categories).   If you accidentally submit your listing to a top-level category, it will NOT be approved and will not be published, but you will be informed of this via email, so that you can correct it.
  • As some hire companies deliver inflatables to more than one county, you may submit your company listing to up to 25 different counties. (this limit may be changed in the future).  Please do not abuse this concession, and only submit to different counties if they are genuinely in your catchment delivery area.
  • Submit only the top-level domain.
  • We can only accept top-level domains such as   Sub-domains and internal pages will not be listed unless that is your primary website (e.g.  Affiliate domain names will not be accepted into the directory.
  • Submit your website only once per county.
  • Providing a reciprocal link on your site is not compulsory, but is very much appreciated.
  • You may use the following info for the listing:
  • Title:  Bouncy Castle Hire UK Directory.
  • URL:
  • Duplicate Submissions
  • Where a site is submitted to a county that is a duplicate or subsidiary of a site already listed in that county only the first website address will be accepted.
We will not accept:
  • Sites containing adult content
  • Sites containing illegal materials
  • Sites under construction
  • Sites consisting mainly of affiliate links
  • Sites created only for displaying AdSense or similar adverts
  • Sites with excessive pop-ups or pop-under.
  • Sites with very little or no content
  • Sites with misleading or potentially misleading statements

  • The site must be in the English language.
  • In case of multilingual websites, the submitted URL must point to the English version.
  • Submitting a site in no way guarantees inclusion in our directory.
  • All sites will be reviewed and approved by a human before appearing on the directory.
  • We have the right to make any changes in the submission details as we deem appropriate.
  • We may edit the title or description of your site, or move it to another subcategory.
  • By submitting your email address, you agree to occasionally be sent an email regarding the directory and offers.  Your email addresses will never be distributed to a third party.
  • Any Payment made is non-refundable.
  • Although inclusion into the directory is free of charge for members of the BIHA /   In future, there will be opportunities for paid premium listings.  Any Payment made is non-refundable once you are accepted into the directory.

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