Inflatable Pub still missing.

Stolen inflatable pub.

Re-publishing a stolen equipment post from Summer 2010.

My name is Joe Baillie and I own a company called Scotbounce and we offer “Spares and Repairs to the inflatable industry”. We are also RPII qualified PIPA instructors.

I also own a company called Baillie’s Marquees and this is the reason for me contacting you today. I was wondering if you could circulate an incident that has happened to us recently.

We hire an inflatable pub (manufactured by Airquee) through our marquee company, and last weekend (30th July 2010) we had it stolen from Ingliston showground in Edindurgh as part of the Truckfest event. The event closed on Sunday 1st August and a couple of our guys arrived at the site around 7.30 in the evening to pack it up. The rain however, was so heavy that the guys could hardly move the unit and were unable to lift it into their van. I made the decision to leave it for the evening as the Ingliston Showgound is a secured and manned gated site. We had the contract for all of the marquees at the event so we were already returning to lift all of these early on the Monday morning. Unfortunately for us, the Pub had vanished by the time our guys arrived on the Monday morning. There were many exhibitors still on the ground on Monday morning, but surprisingly, nobody seen a thing. It has been reported to the Lothian Police and we have had some national press coverage to attempt to highlight the theft. I have many friends in the industry and they are kindly “asking about”.

There are only 2 of these pubs in the whole of Scotland to my knowledge and only a handful in the whole of the UK. It is going to be very difficult for anyone to use the unit without it being noticed and it has many unique markings on it that would make it easily identifiable to us. It is our belief that it could be out of Scotland by now and this is the reason for me to cast a wider net and try to bring this to as many peoples attention as possible. The pub is valued at more than £5k

and we are offering a substantial reward for any information on it’s whereabouts. Anyone can view the pub at our web site and I have also attached the press coverage article.

Many thanks,

Joe Baillie. (0141 778 4455)

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